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For immediate release:

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.38.35 AMFort Wayne songstresses, the Elky Summers are preparing to release their first ever, 12-song album. The path to this long awaited goal has been as varied and circuitous as the story of the band itself. “We aren’t the kind of band that can go into the studio and bang out 12 songs in 72 hours.” says keyboardist, Oona Hackbush, “We definitely took our time and wanted to try out all kinds of sounds and places.” And those places ranged from a luxe studio with all the trimmings in Indianapolis to a veritable, vintage gear warehouse in downtown Detroit. All told, the group recorded in 5 separate locations. The band is made up of four women from walks-of-life that are as diverse as their musical backgrounds. Singer/guitarist, Kay Gregg played drums for the Fort Wayne post-rock outfit, All Nite Skate, while Oona Hackbush has played keyboard in the Sugar Frosted Bishops and added tracks to a record by the Lurking Corpses. Drummer Jackie Davis plays with her church’s Praise Band while Bassist Jana Johnson plays stand up for the rockabilly quartet, the Sour Mash Kats. The 12 song album is set to be released at a specially themed show December 26th at Cs3. It will be available as a 12″ vinyl record, as a download for sale at shows and is online at iTunes. As for the long production schedule, Jackie explains, “It’s definitely been a journey, we made it a goal when we first started 3 years ago and now it’s so cool to see it happening” “I love vinyl records and I like to collect them, it’s so cool that to have my own to add to that pile!” adds Jana.


The Elkys Support their local Record Store!


The ladies of the Elky Summers urge you to support your local vinyl purveyors this season. You are invited to an extra special, “FRIEND OF THE WORKING CLASS” in-store event, timed for all you public service employees that have to work on Black Friday, yet still want to enjoy Neat Neat Neat’s big Record Store Black Friday Event.

When: 6:30
Where: NEAT NEAT NEAT on South Calhoun Street
What: The Elky’s will play a short set and you can pick up an advanced copy of the not-yet-released, new vinyl record.

Saturday, July 6th at Calhoun Street with Heaven’s Gateway Drugs

This Saturday makes another first for the Elkys in that they will be sharing the stage with Fort Wayne greats, Heaven’s Gateway Drugs. These guys are still red hot off the release of their 12 ” full length record, “You Are Heaven’s Gateway Drugs”. Outlaw Magazine gushes:

“Black Lady” drives down the I-69 Psych Highway and doesn’t look back .”

THe Elkys will be debuting their new cover of Mancini’s theme from “A Shot in the Dark” for your listening please and sharp eyed listeners will note that the movie stars the Elke Sommer that inspired the name of the band!Image

The Elky Summers’ triumphant return to the stage! June 1st!

Photo by: Rich from Punk Rock Night

Jackie, Keepin’ it Real at PRN, Photo by Rich

Join the Elkys as they return for a summertime pilgrimage to Indianapolis’ Melody Inn for a sticky sweet set at the local Punk Rock Night! Kick off June and your summer fun and catch this show.

Don’t miss this line up!

The Putz as The Hepburns: punk versions of 1950′s music Punk

Vice Tricks: (formerly Parlor Tricks) Rockabilly / Rock / Punk

The Melody Inn
3826 North Illinois Street
Indianapolis,IN 46208

April Showers

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 3.33.56 PM
Bring May Flowers. I always interpreted that trite  homily as meaning you have to wade through the crap, the unpleasant, the drab, to get to the good stuff and that phrase could quite easily apply to the process of gathering the elements of a vinyl record release. Today’s unpleasant task was critiquing the masters of every session we’ve recorded in preparation for sending them to the laquer cutter. I am so far out of my expertise that I might as well be on the moon. Add to that the stress of making sure everyone is happy with their individual representation on the record and I’m feeling in over my head. When there are so many variables, the process grinds to a halt. This is how projects die. This is how projects turn into should-have-beens and Might-Have-Beens and worst of all, just empty talk.

” Yeah, I was in a band, we didn’t really go anywhere, we got some sessions around somewhere. I wonder what ever happened to those things.”

Welcome to my worst nightmare.

The Elky Summers in a Den of Iniquity

Jana views the shenanigans with a jaded eye
Photo:Steve Linsenmayer

The girls of the Elky Summers played a very special evening last Thursday, September 6th. Joining them on the bill were be some very racy acts indeed. Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes were a delight to behold. Mr. Clit is an energetic performer, jumping wildly from gritar, to glockenspiel, to random noise generator, all while singing along with the super animated pink cigarette rhythm machine. The Hookers made of Cocaine did not fail to punish with a double kick  onslaught.  The Elkys will be returning to the studio soon, so that was the last show for a while and the last weekday show EVER. face it, they suck, Fort Wayne just does not have the degenerate show-going audience pool to support this kind of behavior.  It’s about being realistic and being intelligent about where you put your energy.