Games at Practice

The earth slows down a little right before spring. It feels like everything grinds to a halt and any forward movement is imperceptible. Winter has pushed past its allotted time and is acting all entitled. So to keep things interesting in the basement of stately Elky Manor, the Elkys decided to officially add 2 new songs to the set list. Crafting a set list is a complicated task, much like Off Track Betting, you have a list of potential options and you have to rate them according to an arcane set of criteria that changes in context to location in the overall set as well at location and genera of gig. After much hemming and hawing and hand wringing, it was decided to throw rational to the four winds and allow chance to dictate the song you will hear at any given show. The songs were placed into Oona’s charming green porkpie and pulled one by one until 12 songs were selected.Image

How do you keep yourself from going stir crazy? Keep them guessing!

Dreams and Songs

At practice this week, we traded stories about our reoccurring nightmares. It was uncanny how many Elkys have strange and disjointed dreams of school, classes signed up for and forgotten until that horrible exam day. The talk turned to tornados and visions of twisters on the horizon, lined up like advancing troops. I never asked about my regular nightmare scenario. It always takes place in a hotel, there are elevators that open onto scenes so dark…so eerie…and always, that suffocating feeling of being completely lost. The Elky Summers will be debuting a new song this Saturday named “Hotels.” See if you can catch it!


the Patchwork Dolls

For immediate release:

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.38.35 AMFort Wayne songstresses, the Elky Summers are preparing to release their first ever, 12-song album. The path to this long awaited goal has been as varied and circuitous as the story of the band itself. “We aren’t the kind of band that can go into the studio and bang out 12 songs in 72 hours.” says keyboardist, Oona Hackbush, “We definitely took our time and wanted to try out all kinds of sounds and places.” And those places ranged from a luxe studio with all the trimmings in Indianapolis to a veritable, vintage gear warehouse in downtown Detroit. All told, the group recorded in 5 separate locations. The band is made up of four women from walks-of-life that are as diverse as their musical backgrounds. Singer/guitarist, Kay Gregg played drums for the Fort Wayne post-rock outfit, All Nite Skate, while Oona Hackbush has played keyboard in the Sugar Frosted Bishops and added tracks to a record by the Lurking Corpses. Drummer Jackie Davis plays with her church’s Praise Band while Bassist Jana Johnson plays stand up for the rockabilly quartet, the Sour Mash Kats. The 12 song album is set to be released at a specially themed show December 26th at Cs3. It will be available as a 12″ vinyl record, as a download for sale at shows and is online at iTunes. As for the long production schedule, Jackie explains, “It’s definitely been a journey, we made it a goal when we first started 3 years ago and now it’s so cool to see it happening” “I love vinyl records and I like to collect them, it’s so cool that to have my own to add to that pile!” adds Jana.


Saturday, July 6th at Calhoun Street with Heaven’s Gateway Drugs

This Saturday makes another first for the Elkys in that they will be sharing the stage with Fort Wayne greats, Heaven’s Gateway Drugs. These guys are still red hot off the release of their 12 ” full length record, “You Are Heaven’s Gateway Drugs”. Outlaw Magazine gushes:

“Black Lady” drives down the I-69 Psych Highway and doesn’t look back .”

THe Elkys will be debuting their new cover of Mancini’s theme from “A Shot in the Dark” for your listening please and sharp eyed listeners will note that the movie stars the Elke Sommer that inspired the name of the band!Image

Next Show, Friday January 25th:The Brass Rail


Oona rocks the Rail Crowd! Join the fun!

Good news, due to a last minute scheduling conflict with self-described “outlaw troubadours”  Against the Grain, the Elkys will find themselves sharing the stage with a permutation of Jana’s country pickin’ band, “Old and Dirty”. This time they are electrified and have a more rockin’ vibe. Don’t miss Electric Dirt! Rounding out the bill will be those rascally roustabouts, the Sour Mash Kats. The Show starts at 10pm and will cost you a mere 4 bux.

Check out Jana’s interview

Jana was interviewed recently by Blogger and music enthusiast, Stephen Ajamie, for his Music Column on MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC! Below is an excerpt:

I had the pleasure of seeing this all girl rock band back a bit ago when I was going to check out another all girl rock band.  It was quite the all girl rocking night.  This band, the Elky Summers, was quite excellent.  They had a great classic sound, and I was definitely interested in hearing more from them.  So I decided to email the bassist of this lovely band, and ask her some questions…….more

The Elkys Rock Chicago!

Many many thanks to the people at Cal’s Liquors, both staff and attendees! you all made our little cotton pickin’ night! Thanks to the Cathy Santonies, the General Election Engines, Frank at the door, Mike behind the bar, Dana for promoting and all our Fort Wayne homies who came out. A special thanks to the people who took a chance and came to see us play in their hometown.

The Elky Summers play Chicago photo by Dana