Elky New Year!

Now that the whirl of the winter party season has drawn to a close, the ladies are back in their workshops over at stately Elky Manor. With no shows booked for a while, attention turns to all the accomplishments of the past year. The biggest news would be the midnight-hour release of the band’s first full-length record available online, through PayPal and locally at the Neat Neat Neat store, in Fort Wayne IN.

The release party was quickly followed by an action packed New Year’s Eve show that had a glimpse of new songs to come as the band unselfconsciously jammed some new material while waiting to play the last slot of the bill. Check out the clip above for more.

2014 promises some new tunes and some out-of-town shows once the weather warms. The spring will see a return of the Elky’s to the open road. Until then, see you in the movies!

Pinch Me…I might be dreaming!

Nope, it’s not a dream. It’s been a year since Kay casually asked around her group of vinyl loving friends for information about the process of pressing a record. Some answered with precise details about printers, gougers and the such. Others looked away dreamily, lost in the reverie of a past release. If you were to ask the band how such a process unfolds, you would get homily similar to the course of true love. At times exciting, nerve wracking, full of joy and sorrow. Oh, and it was hard and expensive too. Not really sure how that compares to true love, but…yeah, kind of a bitch but totally worth it!

the record in all its glory

The Elky Summer’s release show

A year in the making and over in a night. How sweet the sorrow. The Elky’s first full length record has been officially released into the void and now there is time to reflect on the long road, But wait! Another show is fast approaching! The Elky Summers will be teaming up with Pouncer and the Slow Pokes to ring in the new year at CS3. Until then, here are some snaps by the ever gracious, always talented, Steve Linsenmayer:


twinkling lights


Kay’s got Something to Say

the Patchwork Dolls

For immediate release:

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.38.35 AMFort Wayne songstresses, the Elky Summers are preparing to release their first ever, 12-song album. The path to this long awaited goal has been as varied and circuitous as the story of the band itself. “We aren’t the kind of band that can go into the studio and bang out 12 songs in 72 hours.” says keyboardist, Oona Hackbush, “We definitely took our time and wanted to try out all kinds of sounds and places.” And those places ranged from a luxe studio with all the trimmings in Indianapolis to a veritable, vintage gear warehouse in downtown Detroit. All told, the group recorded in 5 separate locations. The band is made up of four women from walks-of-life that are as diverse as their musical backgrounds. Singer/guitarist, Kay Gregg played drums for the Fort Wayne post-rock outfit, All Nite Skate, while Oona Hackbush has played keyboard in the Sugar Frosted Bishops and added tracks to a record by the Lurking Corpses. Drummer Jackie Davis plays with her church’s Praise Band while Bassist Jana Johnson plays stand up for the rockabilly quartet, the Sour Mash Kats. The 12 song album is set to be released at a specially themed show December 26th at Cs3. It will be available as a 12″ vinyl record, as a download for sale at shows and is online at iTunes. As for the long production schedule, Jackie explains, “It’s definitely been a journey, we made it a goal when we first started 3 years ago and now it’s so cool to see it happening” “I love vinyl records and I like to collect them, it’s so cool that to have my own to add to that pile!” adds Jana.


The Elkys Support their local Record Store!


The ladies of the Elky Summers urge you to support your local vinyl purveyors this season. You are invited to an extra special, “FRIEND OF THE WORKING CLASS” in-store event, timed for all you public service employees that have to work on Black Friday, yet still want to enjoy Neat Neat Neat’s big Record Store Black Friday Event.

When: 6:30
Where: NEAT NEAT NEAT on South Calhoun Street
What: The Elky’s will play a short set and you can pick up an advanced copy of the not-yet-released, new vinyl record.