A black and white photobooth style series depicting each band member looking goofy

Kay, Jackie, Oona and Jana

The Elky Summers is a 4 piece band comprised of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. The band was formed in the spring of 2010. They have been described as sounding like a mix between early Bangles and the Velvet Underground.They play “Hooky jangle-pop with the jagged edge of a broken heart.” The band has played several local and out-of-town shows, including Indianapolis and Chicago. The Elkys are focusing on the release of their first full-length, self-titled, vinyl record.

Angie Mazakis wrote a nice article for the Fort Wayne Weekly “Whatzup” that you can download here.

Here is a sample from their debut EP, “One”

Hello, How Are You Doing

And Here is a sample of their live show, thanks to Lance at C2G: Hard Lesson

Here is a cover of “Can’t Put Your Arm Around a Memory (cover)” by Johnny Thunders.

Here’s the girls in action at their August EP release party. Thanks Otto Boshchet!

Here is a video from Cal’s Liquors in Chicago, IL

Thanks, Larry Law!

Interested in Booking the Elky Summers? Contact Kay here: kaygraph[at the Gmail].com

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