Elky New Year!

Now that the whirl of the winter party season has drawn to a close, the ladies are back in their workshops over at stately Elky Manor. With no shows booked for a while, attention turns to all the accomplishments of the past year. The biggest news would be the midnight-hour release of the band’s first full-length record available online, through PayPal and locally at the Neat Neat Neat store, in Fort Wayne IN.

The release party was quickly followed by an action packed New Year’s Eve show that had a glimpse of new songs to come as the band unselfconsciously jammed some new material while waiting to play the last slot of the bill. Check out the clip above for more.

2014 promises some new tunes and some out-of-town shows once the weather warms. The spring will see a return of the Elky’s to the open road. Until then, see you in the movies!

2 thoughts on “Elky New Year!

  1. Jake says:

    Dear The Elky Summers (collectively),

    So I just saw you guys rock out at the Rail the other night and it was good. No it was great. And whenever someone rocks my face off of course I have to invest in continued face rocking and buy whatever they are selling. Namely your album.

    Unfortunately I was a little drunk and only had a twenty, and so I bought two. Because hey who doesn’t like the gift of music? Sadly though that is what started me down this rabbit hole for which I must now write you.

    Dude (collectively)! What the hell? Every album front and back is different? And if you put them together they make some kind of photo? You see, I come from a generation who was told that the only way I will ever measure up to my peers, that is, become the very best, is if I catch them all. I gotta catch them all. This completionist attitude, this constant vigilance against ever buying a 999 piece puzzle of a 1000 has served me well. But it is also a curse.

    How many more will it take, The Elky Summers? How many more until I have the complete picture? What will ever satisfy you? Based on my ability to line up… lines, I can tell that there are at least two more.

    If there are truly only four, and I already have two, and it’s completely random which version you give your fans, then simple probability theory says it will take me about 2.08 tries to get each version, and about nine tries on average to get all four. That means to have a 95% confidence of obtaining the remaining two album covers I’ll have to buy 7.3 more albums. At ten dollars a pop we’re looking at a minimum 73 dollar investment. Really?! Is this how you guys get your kicks? Sheer extortion? Cold.

    But hey, liked the album. The harmonies and everything else sound really fantastic. Hope to see more from you in the future. Best wishes on your racket.

    • kay says:

      Wow, I’m so sorry….I just found you comment languishing in the spam…but you have proved your humanity and your ability to do math. There are different versions of the packaging, but all contain the same content. P.S> we are playing at the CS3 May 30th and I’d like to personally invite you!

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