Tonight! Show at the Rail! The Line-Up…

10:00 Punk Talk from Indianapolis
Catchy tunes not unlike “Pere Ubu”
11:00 The Elky Summers from right here in ol’Fort Weezy
Girl group shenanigans
12:00 White Mystery from Chicago!

Do not miss White Mystery! They have been busy since their last visit to Fort Wayne, racking up accolades galore. Top Ten Indie Album by The Chicago Tribune, the two-piece shared stages with Weezer, the Gories, and Mavis Staples.
We know, Thursday night, gotta work blah blah blah, but really whats going to matter? Another bland, faceless Thursday night wherein you watched a little tv, ate a healthy snack, got to bed early in preparation for another mind numbing Friday? Or you took a gamble, went out, saw your friends, flirted, had a beer, saw some out of town band that rocked your face off AND made it home by 12:30?

You decide.

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