The Elkys Wrapp…


The Elkys Wrapped up a recording session recently at the always hospitable Ensombre Room with ultra laid back dude, Geoff Montgomery. The ladies went in to record a cover of the Johnny Thunders penned ballad, “You can’t put your arms around a memory.” The song has been a regular addition to the set, but it is time to replace it with a new, as yet unselected cover song. The Elky’s wanted to document the song with their own spin, before retiring it. The song will be available online only as a download. The other good news is that the studio was booked long enough to record two additional songs, so keep your eyes peeled for another release party!


May 3rd at the Brass Rail!

The ladies of the Elky Summers would like to cordially invite you to a civilized evening of fun and excitement at the Brass Rail on Thursday, May 3rd with our pals, White Mystery from Chicago and their pals, band from Indy, Punk Talk.

“Thursday?!?” I hear you say in disbelief “but Elky, that’s a work night! If I show up hungover one more time at work, my boss is going to write me up and then I’ll have to take the mandatory alcohol sensitivity training course with the sock puppets and the feelings corner and everything.”

I hear you…I do. That might even be my fate too. So here’s the deal. This is an official “Friend of the Working Class” show. We promise to play early, keep our set brief but entertaining, hustle our gear on and off and generally not dilly dally around. That is our promise to you!

Elky Summers play low-key, relaxed set at CS3

Photo: Steve Linsenmayer

The Elky gals would like to thank everyone who came out to their first show in ages. Held at the always accommodating Calhoun Street Soups, Salads and Spirits. The night was full of magical surprises, not the least of which was the debut of “Old and Dirty” the string band Jana plays standup bass in. The relaxed atmosphere was contributed to by the cafe seating and the crystal clear sound.

Freinds and family were in attendance and the evening was a great time. The band premiered a new song, with a new instrument being introduced into the line up. Intrigued? Come to the next show, May 3rd at the Brass Rail.

Photo: Steve Linsenmayer