EP release Party! Thanks

Photo by Otto Andrew

A great time was had by all the Evening of the Elky’s Epic EP release party. Special guests, the Founders started things off with a rollicking set of danceable tunes.

Photo by Andrew Allegre

The mood turned deadly as the Sacred Bronco’s destroyed their set with no mercy. The band had the crowd shaking and grooving and at least one innocent tambourine’s life was brutally ended.

Then on the

evening’s final act, the Elky Summers took the stage and were heartened to see all the Elky horns on display.

Photo by: Karah Harris

This headwear was in keeping with the Arts and

Crafts vibe of the celebrated ep, hand screened and packaged by the Elky’s themselves. A massive cascade of balloons marked the halfway point, followed by a shower of confetti at the end of the last  song. Many thanks go out to all who attended and to CS3 for hosting us. Be sure to pick up your copy of the new tunes at the next show, or at Neat, Neat, Neat, Morrision’s record store there on Calhoun Street.

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