A Perennial Favorite Makes an Early Appearance at the Brass Rail Friday! Friday

Just like the spring crocuses that poked their tiny, delicate heads from the ash grey earth, only to be smashed and frozen into brown slimy puddles of sorrow, the Summer Drink special will be available for one night only until the summer solstice. In a scheme hatched by Rail Co-Owner, Cory Rader, the delightful libation will be available for the low low cost of $2 per plastic cup of Gordon’s and reconstituted generic lemon flavored  concentrate.

“What the hell…” Rader stated offhandedly when asked about the special, “…it was the drink that first tempted me into this place years ago…why not?”

So, trundle down to the rail for this limited time offer, and while you are at it, enjoy the dulcet sweet tones of John Rambo and the Vietnam Wars (Indianapolis), The Elky Summers and Sparkleteaser. 10 pm, $4

I guarantee that yours will look nothing like this.