Thank you for a wonderful “College Night” at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Jana at the FWMoA Photo by: Steve Linsenmayer

Saturday night was a convergence of sight and sound as local artists displayed their latest works to the tunes of the Wooden Satellites and the Elky Summers. The FWMoA made the bands, visual artists and visitors feel right at home with a vast array of catered pizza to choose from as well as a friendly beverage service staff. All ages were represented in the crowd from 80 years to 4 years old. The Galler-torium was well suited for such an event with subdued lighting and a public address system that made every word audible.

The crowd swelled to over 100 attendees as the Wooden satellites took the stage with their special brand of dance infused indie rock. (Andrea’s shoes were the bomb!—Kay)

Oona sings and plays keyboards.The Elkys took the stage and play a longer set than normal owing the the contractual obligation of providing a 45 minute set. As the Elkys only have 35 minutes, there was a good deal of explanation and introduction with an impromptu lesson on the life of New York Doll and notorious junky, Johnny Thunders . The band then played the newest song and only cover to date with “You Can’t Put Your Arm Around a Memory” .