Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

Go See “Uncle” Mor at the Neat Neat Neat Store!

"Mine! all Mine!"

The girls have been busy in the shop and have cranked out 20 more CD eps of their first release, “One”.  Another shipment was delivered to that nice man, Morrison, down at the Neat, Neat, Neat store. Make sure to swing by the Calhoun Street location on National Record Store Day, April 16th on your way to the Elky’s special artsy fartsy gig at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art….where they will be encased in plaster and placed on display, ala, “A Bucket of Blood” directed by Roger Corman. Or not.

In other news, the Elky’s have surfaced in the “Out and About ” column by Nick Braun in this week’s Whatzup Newsweekly. Pick it up where you find fine readables.

These Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...Indeed!

These Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...Indeed!