The Elkys Return to Bloomington, IN


Just as the swallows return to Capistrano, The Elkys are planning a journey back to the town where they recorded a portion of their new album, only this time they will be playing. Please join us.

April 26th,

SHOW STARTS PROMPTLY AT 8PM. Max’s has a late event at 11, so we will be starting RIGHT AT 8. For real, Bloomington. Come get some pizza n’ drinks and hang!


ELKY SUMMERS – Fort Wayne retro girl-group indie rock
They just put out a full-length LP recorded partially at Bloomington’s ownRussian Recording LLC!

And MATT ROMY (& Friends?) – the Community Currency frontman andJefferson St. Parade Band member will be gracing us with a sweet solo (or possibly with some buddies?) set. This guy rules.

NO KIDDING, it starts at 8pm SHARP. 
$5 for adults, kids under 12 are free. Yup, ALL-ages!
Max’s Place – 108 W. 6th St on the square.

Games at Practice

The earth slows down a little right before spring. It feels like everything grinds to a halt and any forward movement is imperceptible. Winter has pushed past its allotted time and is acting all entitled. So to keep things interesting in the basement of stately Elky Manor, the Elkys decided to officially add 2 new songs to the set list. Crafting a set list is a complicated task, much like Off Track Betting, you have a list of potential options and you have to rate them according to an arcane set of criteria that changes in context to location in the overall set as well at location and genera of gig. After much hemming and hawing and hand wringing, it was decided to throw rational to the four winds and allow chance to dictate the song you will hear at any given show. The songs were placed into Oona’s charming green porkpie and pulled one by one until 12 songs were selected.Image

How do you keep yourself from going stir crazy? Keep them guessing!

Dreams and Songs

At practice this week, we traded stories about our reoccurring nightmares. It was uncanny how many Elkys have strange and disjointed dreams of school, classes signed up for and forgotten until that horrible exam day. The talk turned to tornados and visions of twisters on the horizon, lined up like advancing troops. I never asked about my regular nightmare scenario. It always takes place in a hotel, there are elevators that open onto scenes so dark…so eerie…and always, that suffocating feeling of being completely lost. The Elky Summers will be debuting a new song this Saturday named “Hotels.” See if you can catch it!



Elky New Year!

Now that the whirl of the winter party season has drawn to a close, the ladies are back in their workshops over at stately Elky Manor. With no shows booked for a while, attention turns to all the accomplishments of the past year. The biggest news would be the midnight-hour release of the band’s first full-length record available online, through PayPal and locally at the Neat Neat Neat store, in Fort Wayne IN.

The release party was quickly followed by an action packed New Year’s Eve show that had a glimpse of new songs to come as the band unselfconsciously jammed some new material while waiting to play the last slot of the bill. Check out the clip above for more.

2014 promises some new tunes and some out-of-town shows once the weather warms. The spring will see a return of the Elky’s to the open road. Until then, see you in the movies!

Pinch Me…I might be dreaming!

Nope, it’s not a dream. It’s been a year since Kay casually asked around her group of vinyl loving friends for information about the process of pressing a record. Some answered with precise details about printers, gougers and the such. Others looked away dreamily, lost in the reverie of a past release. If you were to ask the band how such a process unfolds, you would get homily similar to the course of true love. At times exciting, nerve wracking, full of joy and sorrow. Oh, and it was hard and expensive too. Not really sure how that compares to true love, but…yeah, kind of a bitch but totally worth it!

the record in all its glory

The Elky Summer’s release show

A year in the making and over in a night. How sweet the sorrow. The Elky’s first full length record has been officially released into the void and now there is time to reflect on the long road, But wait! Another show is fast approaching! The Elky Summers will be teaming up with Pouncer and the Slow Pokes to ring in the new year at CS3. Until then, here are some snaps by the ever gracious, always talented, Steve Linsenmayer:


twinkling lights


Kay’s got Something to Say